Chefs Alon Shaya, John Besh Open Israeli Restaurant In New Orleans

John Besh and Alon Shaya, the chefs behind Domenica and Pizza Domenica, have partnered again to open Shaya, a contemporary Israeli restaurant in New Orleans, the team has announced.

"Alon has waited his whole life to open this restaurant and now really has the opportunity to cook from his heart," said Besh. "When hummus, pita, and shakshouka all started cropping up on Domenica's menu, we knew the time had come for Alon to open a modern Israeli restaurant and share his passion for this food with New Orleans." 

In preparation for this new venture, Shaya spent time in Israel with fellow Philadelphian and Israeli chef Michael Solomonov, of the Cook n Solo restaurant group.

"Shaya is an interpretation of the food that I grew up cooking and eating with my grandmother," said Alon. "What I hope to bring to the menu is my approach to modern Israeli cuisine, marrying local New Orleans ingredients with the indigenous flavors of Israel."

Shaya opened Friday, February 13 at 4213 Magazine St in New Orleans, Louisiana.