Chef Tom Colicchio Is Removing Tipping From Lunch Service At His Flagship Restaurant in New York City

The Top Chef judge said it’s time for servers to be paid a salary

Tom Colicchio is removing tipping during lunch at his New York City restaurant Craft.

Chef Tom Colicchio is doing away with tipping during lunch service at his flagship restaurant Craft in New York City.

The chef of Colicchio & Sons and co-owner of Gramercy Tavern with Danny Meyer previously said that he wants restaurants to abolish tipping and instead give waiters and servers better wages instead. [slideshow:

Currently, Craft’s lunch menu says “prices are inclusive of service,” and there will not be a tip line on credit card checks.

"It's time for a change,” Colicchio told Eater. “It's time to pay the servers a salary."

This means that the restaurant will charge higher prices. If all goes well, Colicchio says he intends to  eliminate tipping during dinner service by the end of the year, as well.

In January, Colicchio told The Daily Meal, “If I increase my menu prices by 20 percent and do away with tips, then I guarantee that these lawsuits would disappear.”

One of the lawsuits was against the Top Chef judge for labor violations. The suit alleged that workers at his fast-casual restaurant ‘wichcraft were paid minimum wage with no tips or overtime.


“Waiters don't want to work lunch shifts because they don't make as much money,” Colicchio told Eater. “So in a way, we're saying you don't have to worry about what you're going to make tip-wise and you'll be fine. So I think this will be positive for the service staff.”