Chef Roy Choi Blasts Restaurant Critic for Racist Comments in Review

Roy Choi took issue with a San Francisco critic’s comments on ‘teenagers of color’ staffing his new restaurant, LocoL

The critic has since added an editor’s note to his review.

Everyone is buzzing about Roy Choi’s new upscale fast food project, LocoL, with locations in Los Angeles and Oakland, California.But SF Weekly reviewer Peter Lawrence Kane has rubbed the father of the food truck movement the wrong way. Kane described the restaurant as “too loud,” and wrote that his own “pasty a**” sat at a restaurant staffed by “teenagers of color.” Choi criticized the reviewer’s use of the old-fashioned phrase and racial insensitivity, tweeting a response to the piece that said, “How does color matter? Not funny.”

Choi also responded with a photo of his staffers, the so-called “teenagers of color.”

Kane has since updated the piece by deleting the offensive phrases and adding an editor’s note, which is included in full here:


“After running it by some friends whose judgment I trust, this story has been updated to delete a self-deprecating passage that struck some readers as being in poor taste. Errors of clarity fall on the writer, so I apologize: First for being glib and ambiguous, second for the unfortunate timing of people reading a food review that included a lame joke about me being a white goofball on a day when everyone is also reading about Alton Sterling's murder, and third for even the insinuation that something was awry with respect to my interaction with LocoL's staff. I had mixed feelings about the restaurant overall, but the staff rocks.”