Chef Marc Vetri Has Just Invented The ‘Panneto-nut’

Could 2015 be the year of Vetri’s Panneto-nut?

"So that worked pretty well! #PannetoNut #FtheCronut"

Inspired by Dominique Ansel’s legendary Cronut and the pastry chef’s uncanny ability to create dessert hybrids that we lose our collective minds over, Philadelphia chef and fellow James Beard Award winner Marc Vetri (Vetri Ristorante, Osteria, Lo Spiedo) has invented the “Panneto-nut” [sic] and shared the new creation on Instagram.


So that worked pretty well! #PannetoNut #FtheCronut

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Although chef Vetri made his Panneto-nuts with fresh panettone batter that includes chocolate and possibly candied fruit, we can’t help but wonder if this might be a suitable way to use up any leftover panettone you’ve got.


Alternately, if you’re feeling particularly ambitious and you’d like to dominate the dessert table at your upcoming New Year’s party, use these photos as a guide and note the glazed sugar on the finished product. Although chef Vetri used a deep fryer, home cooks will get on just fine with a large pot or cast iron pan.