Chef Challenges Food Critics to Eat Their Words

Fundraiser dinner to put critics in the kitchen to be judged on their cooking
Paul Shufelt

Paul Shufelt

Chef Paul Shufelt says the challenge is all in good fun in an effort to “close the gap between the kitchen and the dining room.”

Canadian chef Paul Shufelt has challenged local food critics to try their hand at cooking and being critiqued — all in good fun, of course.

Shufelt wants to host an Eat Your Words dinner at one of his restaurants in which critics will prepare a three-course meal for 150 people that will be judged by a panel. The meal would be a fundraiser for the Ronald McDonald House Northern Alberta, CBC News reported.

“I understand that it would come across as a little bit of an attack on them, but that was not my intention,” Shufelt said. “It was meant to catch them off-guard and surprise them, much like chefs who end up waking up in the morning reading a review they didn’t even know was coming.”

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The chef said he hoped to host the dinner in January, if he could get some food critics on board. “I have a few [critics] that have expressed interest and want to participate and a few that are very reluctant … hopefully we can persuade them that it’s all in good fun,” Shufelt said. He hopes the experience will “close the gap between the kitchen and the dining room.”