Cheesecake Factory Apologizes for Denying Entry to Armed Officers

Six Washington State Department of Corrections officers were turned away

After a miscommunication at a Cheesecake Factory in Tacoma, Washington, the company has apologized for not allowing six armed officers to dine at the restaurant because of its no-guns policy.

On Tuesday, Dec. 20, Miriam Nichols, a Department of Corrections employee, posted on the restaurant’s Facebook page about the incident.

The husband of one of the officers contacted the establishment and was told that “corporate has a strict no gun policy and that no person carrying a firearm, to include on duty law enforcement, we're not welcome to eat there,” Nichols wrote.

The next day, Cheesecake Factory’s corporate office reached out to the Department of Corrections and apologized for the miscommunication, as “uniformed and identified law enforcement officials to possess their service weapons on our premises,” the company wrote in a reply to Nichol’s Facebook post.


“It was a misunderstanding, and they’re rectifying that situation,” Jeremy Barclay, spokesman of the DOC, told The News Tribune. “They actually support law enforcement officers being in their restaurant and having their service weapons on them.”