Checkers Employee Dropped Burger Bun on Floor, Continued to Make Sandwich

The Checkers corporate office has responded to this viral video

An employee took a video of his coworker dropping a burger bun on the floor at this Checkers restaurant.

An alarming video of a Checkers employee surfaced on social media this week.

The employee was making a burger or sandwich and dropped one half of the bun on the floor. She proceeded to pick it up and continue making the sandwich. The Checkers corporate office saw the video and posted a response video on their Facebook page.

Lori Malcom, senior vice president of human resources at Checkers, said, “I am appalled and disappointed by what I saw in the video.”

Malcolm explained that the employee, who works at a location in a suburb of Baltimore, is “sorry and embarrassed about what happened.” She and her coworkers were playing around in the kitchen and the sandwich was allegedly not served to a customer. Malcolm also noted that the video was made a few weeks ago, but was not posted until August 4.


“The franchisee launched an investigation and the employees involved are no longer employed by that franchisee,” Malcolm said. “We at Checkers corporate office are conducting a full investigation and exploring all of our options.”