Caviar, Chocolate, and Vodka Collide in the Poshest Sweet We’ve Ever Tasted

La Maison du Chocolat partnered with Petrossian to create gift boxes of chocolate-covered caviar and vodka-filled chocolate

The vodka chocolate is on display here.

In the aftermath of the flurry of Halloween candy wrappers and half-finished Reese’s cups, finish off the year with something a little bit more sophisticated.La Maison Du Chocolat’s founder Nicolas Cloiseau teamed up with Armen Petrossian to combine their rich chocolate, upscale vodka, and luxury caviar into one product: the chocolate caviar and vodka gift box.

The chocolate box comes with a duo of two different types of candies: a dark chocolate ganache blended with hazelnut, praline, and caviar; as well as the dark chocolate ganache made with Petrossian vodka. The caviar ganache has only subtle notes of its unusual ingredient and does not suffer from an overpowering or salty aftertaste. The vodka ganache, meanwhile, is smooth, creamy, and reminiscent of other high-end chocolates.


Despite its classy ingredients, La Maison Du Chocolat x Petrossian Collection does not require a sophisticated palette, but it does require a full wallet. A 20-piece gift set costs $59 and will be sold for a limited time starting at the end of October. The gift box will be sold both online and at Petrossian and La Maison du Chocolat in New York City.