Carvel Is Now Selling a Limited-Edition Nutella Milkshake

After the wild success of last year’s Nutella ice cream, Carvel is giving it another go with a Nutella milkshake
Carvel Is Now Selling a Limited-Edition Nutella Milkshake

We’ve always wanted to drink Nutella through a straw.

Carvel’s partnership with Ferrero is something we can get behind. After all, soft-serve ice cream and Nutella is a match made in swirled heaven. Last year, Carvel saw huge success when they released a limited-edition Nutella ice cream flavor and a Nutella-topped sundae.

Well, Carvel Nutella ice cream is back, and this time, the ice cream company is also releasing a Nutella milkshake.

The Nutella-inspired menu, which features a milkshake, Nutella soft-serve ice cream, and three varieties of Nutella sundaes, will be available from March 13 through May 31. The new kid on the block, the Nutella thick milkshake will be topped with whipped cream and Nutella. As for your choice of chocolatey-hazelnut sundaes, you can top yours with any variety of Nutella, bananas, chocolate crunchies, and whipped cream.

We’re crossing our fingers that Carvel decides to extend the promotion through the end of the summer. I want my hot July days to be filled with frozen Nutella, please!

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