A Canada Pizza Shop Illegally Sold Alcohol in Pizza Boxes

Police confiscated 240 cans of beer and 100 bottles of various spirits
Pizza Box

Shutterstock/David Franklin

There was more than just pizza in those boxes.

A pizzeria in Edmonton, Alberta, was forced to shut down for a day after police discovered that the restaurant was illegally delivering alcohol in pizza boxes after hours.

Officers were tipped off over the summer that the Canadian restaurant did not have a liquor license and was illegally storing and selling alcohol in anchovy containers. They issued a search warrant in September and found “a substantial amount of alcohol” inside pizza boxes, according to CBC News. The alcohol was stored in pre-packaged brown paper bags in the delivery cars.

Police confiscated 240 cans of beer and 100 bottles of various spirits. It looks like the pizza shop was selling bottles of Captain Morgan and Budweiser from a photo released by the Edmonton Police Service.

It’s unclear why the restaurant did not obtain a liquor license or what they were doing with the money from the alcohol. Four employees at the pizzeria received a provincial summons under the Gaming and Liquor Act.

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