Caffeinated Peanut Butter Exists Now and Your Mornings May Never Be the Same

Caffeinated peanut butter, Steem, was invented by a group of entrepreneurs as a hangover remedy

That peanut butter and jelly sandwich now comes with a side effect of jolting you out of your morning-after haze.

Hangover cures: From milk thistle to Asian pear juice, or simply nursing that headache with a strong Bloody Mary, we’ve heard the lot of them, and have gotten mixed results.But this is the first time we’ve been enthusiastic about a hangover cure: Steem is a new caffeinated peanut butter product invented by a group of entrepreneurs to cure the morning-after blues. The peanut butter gets its kick from a green coffee extract and natural agave sweetener that mixes well with the oils of the peanut butter.

"The idea stemmed from a conversation about trying to come up with a good hangover cure," Andrew Brach, one of the co-creators of Steem told CNN Money. "It's a slower release of energy. That way you don't get the sugar crash."

Two tablespoons of this magical peanut butter are approximately the equivalent of two cups of coffee. The company launched officially in March 2014, but so far the product is only sold online and in parts of Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New Hampshire.


According to the Caffeine Informer, Steem contains more caffeine than eight ounces of brewed coffee, but less than a 5-hour Energy shot.