dairy queen

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Bus Drivers at Minnesota Elementary School Take Kids to Dairy Queen on the Last Day of School

The trips are understood among bus drivers and students, but some parents were left concerned
dairy queen

James R. Martin / Shutterstock

The trip was considered a tradition among bus drivers and students in the school district.

There’s nothing like the last day of school to mark the beginning of three months of class-free summer fun. One school, South Point Elementary, in East Grand Forks, Minnesota, has maintained an ongoing tradition to celebrate the occasion: Bus drivers take the kids to a local Dairy Queen to celebrate.

However, some local parents aren’t thrilled with the unofficial field trip. The unsanctioned trip to Dairy Queen raised particular concern this year for one mother, Jackie Marks, who got nervous after her child didn’t show up at the bus stop on time.

“I was pretty upset,” Marks said. “I’m concerned that this was a field trip with no chaperones.”

Mike Kolness, currently in his first year as superintendent of the East Grand Forks school district, told TwinCities.com that the trip was understood to be “somewhat of a tradition” with some bus drivers in the district.

“The driver was trying to do a nice thing,” he said.

According to Marks, she said that the tradition might send the wrong message to children that it’s okay to go anywhere as long as they’re with an adult.

“We’re going to do everything that we can to take a look at our policies and if we have unscheduled bus stops, we’re going to do our best to improve the line of communication,” Kolness said.


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