Burger King/Tim Hortons Eyes Purchase of Popeyes

Restaurant Brands International looks to buy the fried chicken chain, in what would be an international fast-food merger

The acquisition would effectively create a fast-food conglomerate that would rival Yum! Brands.

Are you ready for some Louisiana Biscuit Whoppers?  Burger King’s parent Canadian company is in talks to purchase Popeyes fast-food fried chicken chain. Although the acquisition is not official, Restaurant Brands International has expressed sincere interest in the merger, according to Reuters.  The deal would create a more international reach for the company, formed in 2014 with the merging of Burger King and Canadian coffee and fast-casual brand Tim Hortons.

The companies have not yet agreed on an acquisition price. Neither Popeyes nor Restaurant Brand International have commented further on the deal. However, as news leaked, the markets were affected: Popeyes shares jumped 14 percent this week, while Restaurant Brands climbed a comparatively modest four percent.


We can only hope the merger will lead to new menu items marrying Burger King’s burgers and fries with Popeyes chicken and biscuits. The introduction of Tim Hortons seemed to have rubbed off on Burger King, which debuted a new robust coffee blend this year.