Burger King Wants to Make Peace with McDonald’s for 1 Day to Create the McWhopper

‘Let’s end the beef, with beef.’

This is Burger King's proposed illustration of the McWhopper, if McDonald's agrees to collaborate.

In honor of Peace Day on September 21, Burger King and McDonald’s may set aside their differences to create the ultimate peace-loving burger — the McWhopper.

If you want to get your hands on this behemoth burger creation, you’ll have to take a trip to Atlanta on Peace Day to visit the proposed pop-up, which would be located in a parking lot between two outposts of the chains.

Burger King wrote an open letter, via a full-page ad in the New York Times and other major newspapers, of peace to McDonald’s, who is free to accept or decline the offer as they see fit.

“We’re being completely transparent with our approach because we want them to take this seriously,” Fernando Machado, senior vice president for Global Brand Management at Burger King, said in a statement. “It would be amazing if McDonald’s agrees to do this. Let’s make history and generate a lot of noise around Peace Day.”

Peace Day was created by Peace One Day, a nonprofit that promotes global harmony and nonviolence.

We do not know what exactly will be on the McWhopper, but we can speculate that Burger King would want to honor the McDonald's Big Mac and not add tomatoes and onions. But, it would probably have two burger patties (so, a double Big Mac?). Someone even created their own version of a McWhopper and posted a photo on Twitter.


Burger King ended the proposal to McDonald’s by saying: “Let’s end the beef, with beef. Talk soon.”