A Burger King Spa Just Opened in Finland

A spa just opened in a Burger King restaurant in Finland, complete with two saunas decorated in Burger King fashion

Burger King: Home of the Wh-ahhhh-pper.

That’s one way to boost fast food restaurant sales. Things are getting steamy at one Burger King restaurant in Finland where a spa has opened inside.The Whopper-themed spa in Helsinki has two saunas — one 15-person sauna “ideal for birthday parties and social gatherings,” and another 10-person, more private sauna decked out with a TV.

Of course the sauna is also blue, red, and gold, and tricked out with Whopper theming.


The spa is home to a media lounge complete with an entertainment system: 55-inch TV, Playstation, and separate laundry room. The best part of the spa? You can get your Whopper (or whatever you ordered) delivered to you while you soak in the relaxing heated spaces. Unlike other Burger King restaurants, you’ll have to book your spa trip in advance. Tickets start at $285 USD for a three-hour block, which you can purchase here if you’re planning a trip to Helsinki anytime soon.