Burger King Is Selling Beer With Its Burgers in the UK

Burger King is now offering American beer on the menu in select locations in the UK between 11 am and 8 pm

Get your Whopper with a side of wasted.

Just call them “Boozy King.” Burger King U.K. has announced that select restaurant locations across the pond will begin offering beer on the menu.

Right now, beer will be the only alcoholic beverage allowed at Burger King, and it will be served between 11 a.m. and 8 p.m. (which means, sadly, no late-night beer and burger runs to BK).The draft served at the fast food chain is rumored to be an American brand, and must have a five percent alcohol content or lower, according to The Metro UK.

The Burger King in Waterloo Station will be the guinea pig in this alcoholic experiment, following approval from the local council. Expanding the concept to other locations across the U.K. and Europe might be a bit of a challenge, however. Local governments have already turned down alcohol-friendly Burger Kings in Victoria and Paddington.


This is hardly the first time a fast food chain has begun serving alcohol: Taco Bell has already been selling its frozen drinks made with vodka and tequila at select locations, and the Burger King Whopper Bar — a trendy Burger King offshoot with locations in Las Vegas and Florida — has been selling a variety of domestic drafts since 2010.