Burger King Employee Caught on Video Pouring Oil Into Storm Drain

The restaurant owner said that this is not the manner in which employees have been instructed to dispose of used oil

Burger King has hired a contractor to remove the oil from the storm drain. 

A Burger King employee was recorded pouring used cooking oil into a storm drain.

The video shows that, although the employee is being loudly criticized by the person behind the camera and is clearly aware of being recorded, he continues to dispose of the oil down the drain.

When contacted, the owner of the Burger King told a local news station WPBF, “We were not aware of the incident until we saw the video.” When reporters from the station showed up to question the owner, a plumbing company was on the premises, vacuuming the oil from the drain.

Johannah Estep, the owner of the Burger King location, indicated that she did not know why her employee chose to dispose of the oil refuse that way, since the restaurant uses the appropriate methods of disposal. When disposed of correctly, used oil is placed within a stainless steel tank until it can be removed.

Estep told the station that the issue has been resolved, but it is unclear how the employee was dealt with as a result of his actions. Burger King is responsible for providing proof of its response efforts regarding the oil to the Department of Environmental Protection.