Burger King

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Burger King Employee Arrested After Stealing From His Own Store

Police found the stolen money at the employee’s home

Juan Martinez Jr., a Burger King employee, was arrested and charged with embezzlement after stealing a large amount of money from the store he worked at. To top it off, Martinez was the one who reported the robbery, according to Cal Coast News, so he was also charged with filing a false police report.

Police responded to the robbery report at 1 a.m. last Wednesday at a Burger King in Atascadero, California. Martinez said someone had entered the store, stolen the cash as he was closing up, and was last seen leaving the store in an unknown direction.

The officers did not locate a suspect, however, they contacted Martinez later that morning. They searched Martinez’s apartment and found “a large amount of cash and two bank deposit bags” from Burger King.

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Martinez confessed to taking the money and filing a false police report. He remains in custody with a $20,000 bail.