Burger King Bot Lets You Order Off Facebook Messenger

A Burger King automated robot will allow Facebook users to order a Whopper (or whatever) using Messenger

Get your fast food fix while you’re browsing social media!

First we had the Domino’s feature that let you tweet emojis to order pizza, and now Burger King is working on a bot that will allow you to order a Whopper through Facebook messenger, according to Eater.

The technology capability was first introduced by Mark Zuckerberg in April at F8, Facebook’s annual technology conference and convention. The bot will allow customers to order from a set menu, and gives them a list of options for nearby Burger King restaurants from which to pick up food.

You can even pay through the app, and the Facebook bot will also let you know an approximate pickup time for your food.

The Burger King bot is not available at all BK locations, but should be rolling out nationwide by the end of the summer.

You can see a demonstration of the app in action (complete with photos of all the menu items), below: