This Burger Bun Is Stuffed With Oozing Liquid Cheese

The internet is going crazy for this burger bun by Raw Material in New York City that oozes liquid cheese when you cut into it

Tempting and cheesy? Yes. Messy and impractical? Absolutely.

Forget a traditional cheeseburger or even a cheese-stuffed Juicy Lucy: This burger bun by Raw Material in New York City is stuffed with liquid cheese so that when you cut or bite into it, the liquid goodness literally explodes everywhere. A video of this explosive and messy cheeseburger has gone viral thanks to a video post by Insider.

It may look delicious — and it will definitely make for some drool-worthy social media posts — but biting into that bad boy must be a challenge unless you’re armed with a pile of napkins and a bib.

So how does it work? The top bun (the part filled with liquid cheese) acts more of a puff pastry than a normal burger bun. According to Insider, the bun is filled with lots of butter, Grafton Cheddar, and salt and pepper. The mixture is melted down into a roux and then squeezed into a French roll via a piping bag. The bun is placed on top of a chuck sirloin patty and then the eater squeezes/cuts into the cheeseball/burger to his or her heart’s content.


Despite its inherent messiness, the burger has gone viral:


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Reminds me of a pimple but probably tastes bangin!! #meatordie #burgerbabe #meat #rawmaterialnyc #nom mmmmm #monsterburger

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