Brooklyn Pizzeria Hates Domino's So Much They're Giving Out Free Pizza To Prove It

Domino's changed the delivery game last week when they announced that it's now possible to order their pizza by tweet. You can even tweet out a simple pizza emoji if you're really that carb-crazy. In response, Williamsburg Pizza's owner Ashwin Deshmukh is trying to make waves of his own. He vows that he will give out free pizza to anyone who tweets Domino's the pizza emoji along with their favorite Williamsburg pie. Shots fired, Domino's! (Although we doubt that anyone living in Brooklyn, the pizza capital of the world, would resort to ordering from a pizza chain.)

Deshmukh told DNAinfo that he's already handed out 10 free pies to New York pizza enthusiasts, and plans on giving out more.

"Domino's is a purveyor of frozen plastic," he said. "I like picking on them. It's just insane to me that anyone would live in New York City and order Domino's."

The most popular free pie of choice, he said, has been the Williamsburg Grandma pie, a pecorino, basil, Parmigiano-Reggiano, olive oil, garlic, and mozzarella pizza that goes for $21.