Bring in Your Handgun License to This Indiana Restaurant and Receive a Discount

Papa Roux will allow customers to earn 25 percent off of their bill if they show their handgun license

Papa Roux is a Cajun restaurant that is best known for their po’boys.

A restaurant in Indiana is offering a 25 percent discount to customers who present a handgun license to the waiters.

On October 24 at 7:30 p.m., an armed robber entered Papa Roux, a Cajun restaurant in Indianapolis, and made off with an undisclosed amount of money. Owner Art Bouvier assured followers on Facebook that there was little damage and no real alarm to customers.

Bouvier included in the post that customers who show their handgun license will earn 25 percent off of their dine-in meals.

“Before anybody starts in with The Roux becoming the ‘OK Corral,’” Bouvier wrote, “No I'm not advocating [guns]. But hell, if thugs are going to come in and threaten OUR extended family with guns, you'd better believe I will use every trick I know to protect them.”

Bouvier told Indy Star that he is a proponent of the Second Amendment, which allows Americans the right to bear arms. But he has never incorporated his beliefs with his restaurant until now.

“We're not saying, ‘Show us your gun,’” Bouvier told Indy Star. “But if you're a legal and stable carrier of a [handgun license], I'm going to reward that.”


However, Bouvier does not want to turn away customers because of his stance on guns. He added in the Facebook post, “DO NOT TURN THIS INTO A DEBATE ON GUN CONTROL OR POLITICS. MY RESTAURANT. MY WALL. MY BUSINESS. I can give discounts to whomever I please.”