This Bottle of McDonald’s Special Sauce Sold on eBay for Almost $100,000

McDonald’s UK just auctioned off its first-ever bottle of Big Mac sauce, and it sold for $96,000 after 232 bids

Fast food condiment or liquid gold? It’s hard to tell the difference.  

Do you ever bite into a Big Mac and wish you could bottle that special sauce, arguably the most iconic part of a McDonald’s burger? It’ll cost you a lot more than you think. First, Australia began bottling McDonald’s special sauce in extremely limited quantities, and now the U.K. has sold its first-ever bottle of special sauce to one very lucky (and apparently wealthy) customer for £65,900 (about $96,000 USD).

The bidding starting on eBay at just £3 (about $4.33 USD), but thanks to bidders with deep pockets and persistent fast food addictions, the contest for the 16-ounce bottle of sauce grew fierce. Finally, 232 bids later, a winner was announced. Most think the winner foolish for paying such an alarmingly high price for what is essentially ketchup, mayo, and relish mixed together with a few spices, but the exact recipe for the McDonald’s special sauce is just as hard to decipher as, say, the formula for Coca-Cola.

“The Big Mac burger sauce is so hard to get hold of,” a McDonald’s spokesperson said in a statement. "The bottle will be delivered to its owner in a special collector’s box, with a voucher for a free burger. [We are] trying to confirm after a two-week bidding frenzy that the incredible winning offer was genuine."


The winner may be disappointed to know that he or she could have spent less money by just flying to Australia to pick up a bottle of sauce for $4.99. Or you could try out our copycat recipe here.