Bon Appetit Takes Down Controversial Pho Video After Racism Accusations

Pho — the Vietnamese noodle soup — has exploded in popularity lately. But Bon Appetit's celebration of what they are calling the "trendy, new ramen" has people up in arms. The food publication has been raked over the coals for posting a controversial video called "This is How You Should Be Eating Pho," featuring white chef Tyler Akin explaining how to properly consume the traditional dish. The video raised more than a few eyebrows and was consequently taken down after it was accused of being racist.

Akin made several claims in the video that were seen as inauthentic to the culture he was representing; he avoided adding Sriracha or hoisin sauce to the dish because he claimed it would "ruin" the broth, even though sauce is considered an important element of pho.

Bon Appetit has since taken down the video, and posted an apology on its Facebook page and website:

"We never want to be a space that allows for harassing comments and threats toward chefs and restaurant owners. Ever. That's not what we're about. Which is why we have taken down this video. Moving forward, we will continue to strive to get people to cook smarter and eat better. And we will always be mindful of the messages we share."

Although you can no longer view the video on Bon Appetit's website or YouTube channel, the bevvy of social media criticism still continues.