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Bojangles’ Revamps Its Look to Attract Millennials

The new location will have free Wi-Fi and charging stations

Marie C Fields / Shutterstock

The company already has plans to build or remodel four more locations in Charlotte, South Carolina. 

The Southern restaurant chain Bojangles’ is all about its famous chicken and biscuits with a classic counter-service concept. This week, one of its locations in Greensville, South Carolina will debut its remodeled concept that targets millennials with its newest features.

“Younger demographics are a significant part of the Bojangles’ following, and the brand has a growing digital presence that engages millennial audiences,” a spokesperson for Bojangles’ told Eater.

As it stands, the restaurant’s concept is based on “distinct flavor,” “high-quality products made-from-scratch,” and “a festive restaurant design with friendly service,” according to the Bojangles’ website.

The three attributes will remain the same; however, the new restaurant concept will feature updated interior including exposed brick, subway tile, and bright accents to create a more welcoming environment.


One new feature will include a “biscuit theater,” where customers will be able to look through a glass window to see the biscuits being made every 20 minutes.