Blue Bell Resumes Ice Cream Shipments

So far, the company has only tested the production of homemade vanilla and Dutch chocolate
Blue Bell Resumes Ice Cream Shipments

Photo Modified: Flickr/Josh Grenier/CC 2.0

‘Our trucks are on the road again,’ Blue Bell confirmed on Twitter. 

Blue Bell Creamery’s “trucks are on the road again,” the company announced on Twitter Tuesday, August 11, “And yes, they are filled with ice cream.”

Earlier this month, the company was approved to resume production at its plant in Sylacauga, Alabama, months after a listeria outbreak across a number of its facilities forced Blue Bell to recall its full product line and stop production entirely.

In June, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that it had officially concluded its investigation of the listeria outbreak, which caused in three deaths.

“This process has led Blue Bell to reassess everything about its operations and identify a number of enhancements that will be made, including updated environmental and product testing procedures,” the company announced at the time.


According to an Alabama health department official, the only flavors tested so far were homemade vanilla and Dutch chocolate. The company has yet to initiate production in its home state of Texas.