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Blue Apron Releases its Second Ad in its Campaign to ‘Build a Better Food System’

The new ad is airing in regional TV markets, on Hulu, and in movie theaters

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The company works with more than 100 farming families to source its ingredients.

Nothing beats a home-cooked meal; made with fresh, quality ingredients from trustworthy and sustainable sources. It’s this mentality that Blue Apron is envisioning for its brand as it debuts its second ad in its latest campaign to “build a better food system from scratch.”

The first ad, which was released on YouTube last month, highlights the company’s plan to combat factory-style food systems and its goal to increase collaboration between farmers and chefs to grow crops and create recipes together. According to the ad, this idea will allow farmlands to be healthier and provide the company fresh ingredients that can be delivered in a timely manner straight to the kitchens of customers.

The campaign emphasizes four main points as part of the company’s foundation, according to the company website:

  1. Create better standards to grow higher quality ingredients by partnering with sustainability experts
  2. Regenerate land with farming practices that allow farmers to put more back into the land than what was initially taken from it
  3. Eliminate the middle man (including wholesalers and regional grocery warehouses) that’s traditionally used with larger grocery chains
  4. Reduce food waste by using its membership model to predict weekly orders and only grow and source what is needed

The ad campaign was created with global advertising agency Droga5 and will extend throughout the Blue Apron website, box content, and design.