Beloved LA Omakase Sushi Chainlet Is Coming to NYC

Sugarfish is known for its high-quality, simple offerings that are also affordable

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The chain is best known for its ‘trust me’ omakase-style dining.

Affordable omakase, you say?

Beloved Los Angeles omakase sushi chainlet Sugarfish is set to open a location in New York City later this year. The restaurant will be located near Gramercy Tavern on 33 East 20th Street and will take up two floors, with seating on the ground floor and a terrace space above, according to NY Eater.

Sugarfish is known for the quality of its fish, its simplistic, traditional style, and its affordability. Jerry Greenberg, co-founder, who partners with chef Kazunori Nozawa, says that the team will be using almost all of the same worldwide fish purveyors that supply Sugarfish Los Angeles locations for the New York location. They will make exceptions if they find some great local fish, which would likely make its way back to the L.A. locations as well.

The menu at the new location will feature the same omakase options and à la carte pieces, but at a slightly higher price point to account for steeper rent, fish, and labor costs. Overall, the restaurant is expected to remain affordable.

The Sugarfish concept began in 2008 with the idea of creating a more casual, approachable version of chef Nozawa’s legendary Sushi Nozawa, where he worked for over 20 years and in the process became one of L.A.’s first and most respected sushi chefs.

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