Beloved French Toast Crunch Cereal Is Coming Back

Do you remember French Toast Crunch? It was one of those super-sugary kids' breakfast cereals created by General Mills that was extremely popular in the '90s. Designed to look and taste like French toast, French Toast Crunch was introduced as a spin-off of Cinnamon Toast Crunch in 1995, but was eventually discontinued in this country in 2006. But guess what? General Mills has announced that French Toast Crunch is back, and will be hitting stores nationwide in January, in its original form and recipe.

After numerous calls for the beloved cereal's return on the Internet, including a barrage of nostalgic tweets and an online petition, General Mills decided to take action.

"All of the conversations, requests, and passion from the fans really got our attention," said Waylon Good, marketing manager for General Mills. "It's amazing to see how nostalgia for brands from generations past can really take on a life of its own — demonstrating a real desire to have these products back in our lives. We are so excited to give fans a chance to experience the cereal as they did many years ago, and also to introduce it to a new generation of French Toast Crunchers!"

Of course, French Toast Crunch isn't the only nostalgic '90s item to hit grocery stores again: Coca-Cola recently brought back the sickeningly sweet Surge soda. We'll be here, waiting for our Oreo-O's to return.

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