Beloved Bronx Bakery Brings Back ‘Pope Cookie’ for Papal Visit to New York City

With the help of a 3D printer, Artuso’s Pastry Shop in the Bronx is getting ready for a major celebrity visit

When will someone make the Pope a pizza with his face on it, we wonder?

Artuso's Pastry Shop, a nearly century-old institution in Bronx, New York, is marking the upcoming visit from Pope Francis with a special cookie, featuring his own face. Artuso’s honored Francis’ predecessor the same way, replacing its popular Yankees cookie with a pastry for Pope Benedict, who paid a visit to Yankee Stadium in 2008.

“On a normal day we would sell about 25 Yankees cookies per day,” manager Natalia Corridori told News 12. “On this day in particular, we took 200 Pope cookies with us [to Yankee Stadium] and they sold within the hour.”

Now that Pope Francis is on his way, Artuso’s will mark the Catholic leader’s visit with his very own baked likeness — although the bakery uses a 3D printer to get the job done, so the results are pretty accurate. Already, Francis’ cookie already has plenty of fans, even international ones.


“People send them to Central America, South America, [and] Spain, said co-manager Anthony Artuso. “People love the Pope, and they love our cookie.”