Bears Keep Returning to Raid Idaho Home, Gobble Down Sweets and Soda

Bears keep breaking into Douglas Harder’s home near Schweitzer Mountain

These bears might be discussing how to break in to another home to find food.

An Idaho man has many unwanted and messy visitors that frequent his house and eat his food — bears.

On August 12, a bear broke into Douglas Harder’s home, which is near Idaho’s Schweitzer Mountain, through the sliding door on the second-floor deck.

The bear that broke in on August 12 helped itself to a bag of flour, brownie mix, a Toblerone bar, and a can of Pepsi. When it felt full and satisfied, it left a pile of feces on Harder’s living room floor.

An entire family of bears also broke into Harder’s home back in May. These bears were a little more polite and just ate birdseed from his bird feeder. “I knocked on the door and the cubs looked at me but they could care less that I was there,” Harder told CNN. But the family of bears returned the next day to drink four cans of Dr Pepper.


Harder told CNN that he has reported all these incidents to both the Idaho Fish and Wildlife Office and Schweitzer Mountain headquarters.