Bear Breaks Into Pickup Truck to Steal Lunch for Her Hungry Cubs

She was only trying to do her job as a mother

The bear stole someone's lunch from a pickup truck to feed her cubs.

It almost seems like Mama Bear’s revenge from the classic tale of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, except Goldilocks was nowhere to be found.

A black bear recently shocked onlookers when she climbed into a pickup truck to steal someone’s lunch. Gilbert Simpson, owner of Squeaky Clean Windows, told WSB-TV 2 Atlanta that the bear clambered through the window of a company pickup truck in the town of Jasper on August 4.

“The mother bear took my guys’ lunch,” Simpson told WSB-TV.

Simpson took photos of the bear approaching the truck, who was apparently searching for food to feed her cubs. No one was injured.


Bears are very hungry animals that seem to enjoy breaking and entering to satisfy their stomachs. Recently, another bear broke into a pie shop in Colorado to devour 38 pies, and one who ate a 20-pound bag of dog food in Florida took a well-deserved food nap for the accomplishment. Yet another ate cat food and Peppermint Patties in New Jersey, but was unfortunately shot because it showed aggressive behavior.