Bara’s Les Classiques Brings a Fresh Spin to Traditional Holiday Dinner

Chef Ian Alvarez takes inspiration from traditional Christmas feasts from the late 1800s

Image courtesy of Bara

The star of Les Classiques, Tournedos Rossini, features a loin of grass-fed beef with foie gras and black truffle.

Chef Ian Alvarez of Bara, a French/Japanese tavern in Manhattan’s East Village, invites diners to a special Sunday holiday dinner series, Les Classiques, which draws inspiration from traditional Christmas feasts. Regarding the menu, Alvarez says, “I imagined what my great-grandfather might have eaten if he were out on the town in Manhattan during the holidays.”

According to a release, some inspiration came from an 1889 New York Times article on Christmas feasts around town, where notable favorites among New Yorkers included oysters and turtle. One dish in particular, “La Grande Cuisine,” classic Tournedos Rossini, serves as inspiration for the entrée in Les Classiques. Alvarez’s Tournedos Rossini features a classic, grass-fed filet of beef in a Madeira sauce, served with seared fois gras and black truffle.

Les Classiques is unlike any holiday dinner most have ever experienced, which is not necessarily a bad thing. Each course is elegant, full of flavor, and does not disappoint. The Tournedos Rossini, the star of the meal, is reason enough to give Les Classiques is a try. Bara’s casual, cozy ambiance allows the dishes to truly shine without any pretense.

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Les Classiques, $55, is a four-course dinner which will only be available on December 20 and 27. No advance reservations are required, but interested diners must ask for the special menu upon arrival.