Bakery Sparks Outrage After Making Transgender Ken Doll Cake

A Northern California bakery has come under fire for baking a cake depicting Ken wearing a pink ball gown and flower sash
Who knew that a doll in a dress could cause so many issues?

Freeport Bakery

Who knew that a doll in a dress could cause so many issues?

We’re coming up on a year after a bakery shut down following their refusal to make a cake for a gay wedding. The latest LGBT-related bakery controversy really takes the cake. When the Freeport Bakery in Sacramento, California, made a cake topped with a Ken doll dressed in drag, they thought it was just another day in the kitchen. Little did they know that a doll donning a pink dress and floral sash made of buttercream could cause so much trouble.

Co-owner Marlene Goetzeler said that even though the cake wasn’t the most unusual custom creation they’ve ever made, the bakery’s Facebook page was flooded with “unlikes” and negative comments like, “Why would anyone use your bakery when it is obvious you guys have no sense,” as well as homophobic and transphobic slurs.

"Naively, I guess I just thought this is a really cool cake, and look at how great they did with the buttercream,” Goetzeler told Fox News. “What's wrong with a Ken cake?"

The kicker? The recipient of the cake is not even transgender, nor was he or she trying to make a political statement of any sort.

"I thought [the backlash] was a little ridiculous. It was just cake,” said Chad Graham, who attended the birthday party for which the cake was made. 

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