Who says delivery is just for guilty pleasures? Bring on the greens.

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Bad News, Pizza Guy: Grubhub Says We’re Ordering More Healthy Food Like Arugula Salad

GrubHub data shows that Americans are ordering more healthy food than ever, with an 82 percent spike in arugula salad alone

Think delivery is all about pizza, Chinese food, and fried appetizers? Guess again. Grubhub has just announced new data and apparently Americans are ordering healthier food now more than ever. Arugula salad orders have jumped 82 percent since 2013, while orders for Brussels sprouts have spiked 94 percent, and zucchini noodle interest amongst Grubhubbers has almost doubled.

Other healthy dishes that have grown in popularity according to Grubhub data include:

Quinoa salad — 87 percent increase in orders

Chickpea salad — 23 percent increase in orders

Lettuce Wraps — 14 percent increase in orders

But don’t despair, pizza-lovers and carb-addicted Grubhub users: The delivery service has just announced a partnership with California Pizza Kitchen. CPK’s menu is available now through via Grubhub at 117 locations across the country, and coincidentally the West Coast pizza chain is introducing healthier dishes too.

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