ice cream

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This Baby Stealing Her Grandmother’s Ice Cream Is the Cutest Thing You’ll See All Day

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ice cream

Zurijeta / Shutterstock

There’s nothing like an ice cream cone to cool you down during the summer.

As adorable as they are, babies can be pretty messy; especially when eating an ice cream cone.

One woman, Ashley Cavanaugh, posted a video of her daughter Emma and her grandmother sharing ice cream, receiving more than 89,000 views.

In the video, you can see baby Emma get a taste of the ice cream — then practically bury her face in it for another. Just when the grandmother goes for another lick, Emma grabs the cone again for more.

“Emma is all about granny's ice cream,” Cavanaugh wrote in the Facebook post. “This was the small mess lol!”

In a comment, Cavanaugh said that it was so messy after that “napkins and baby wipes couldn’t handle it.”


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