Australian Inventor Makes Lactose-Free Cheese Out of Potatoes

Andrew Dyhin spent years developing the perfect potato product that grates, melts, and tastes exactly like cheese

Are you feeling “dairy” skeptical of this product?

There’s good news for lactose-intolerant folks who can’t get over their love of cheese:  Australian inventor Andrew Dyhin  has invented a  dairy-free product that looks like cheese and acts like cheese but is actually made from potatoes.He spent years perfecting CHATO (an amalgamation of the words “cheese” and potato”) and is ready to share his product with the world.

Dyhin refuses to reveal the secret to the product’s development process but confirmed with The Daily Mail that it involved potatoes being “peeled, liquefied, and processed with no added ingredients.”

CHATO can be cubed, grated, or melted just like regular cheese. “Your brain says ‘no,’ and your taste buds say ‘yes,’” he told The Daily Mail.


Dyhin said he had even made ice cream using the CHATO non-dairy product, as well as a “fantastic coconut cream custard.” He hopes to have his product on shelves by next year in Australia, and then ship it overseas in the years to come.