Australia McDonald’s Are Selling Big Mac Special Sauce by the Bottle

4,000 bottles are being sold in 40 restaurants, while supplies last
McDonald's Big Mac Special Sauce Bottles

Photo courtesy of McDonald’s

A bottle of the iconic special sauce costs $4.95.

For those that simply cannot get enough of McDonald’s Big Mac Special Sauce, Australia Maccas customers are in luck: 40 McDonald’s restaurants around Australia are selling 500 ml bottles of the iconic sauce, while supplies last, reports Brand Eating.

There are only 4,000 bottles available, at $4.95 each. The release of the bottles follows a limited-time offering, also exclusive to Australia McDonald’s locations, of 25 ml mini tubs of Big Mac Special Sauce around the same time last year.

The chain also sold 200 limited-edition 500 ml bottles on eBay to raise money for the Ronald McDonald House Charities Australia. Each of the limited-edition bottles were numbered and came in a branded wooden box and a cooler bag. Bids came to over $18,000 for just one of the bottles.

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