Attention, Vegans: Scientists Are Perfecting Seaweed That Tastes Like Bacon

Oregon State University researchers have made a startling discovery that could transform hipster restaurant menus everywhere: a new high-protein strain of the seaweed that tastes just like bacon. The team of researchers has patented a new strain of red algae called dulse that they claim contains 16 percent protein.Dulse, is case you're not aware, is a strange seaweed that, when fried in a pan, tastes like everyone's favorite cured meat. It hasn't really been in the public eye yet, but the OSU scientists are hoping that they'll be able to market this new strain to American supermarkets.

"Dulse is a super-food, with twice the nutritional value of kale," said Chuck Toombs, an Oregon State University faculty member and researcher. "And OSU had developed this variety that can be farmed, with the potential for a new industry for Oregon."

The food innovation team at the university is working on a whole slew of products made with the fascinating ingredient, like rice crackers and salad dressing. However, Gil Sylvia, director of the Coastal Oregon Marine Experiment Station, said that there is no evidence that dulse would be economically viable as a commercial product. Seaweed in general has seen a pretty sparse market in the States, but seaweed that tastes like bacon? Now you're talking.