Attention, Anyone Named Howard: You Can Get Free Pizza on National Cheese Pizza Day

If your first, middle, or last name is Howard or Howie, you can get a free pizza

Hungry Howie's is celebrating National Cheese Pizza Day on September 5.

Calling all Howards! Hungry Howie’s will give you free pizza if your first, middle, or last name is Howard.

This deal will only be available September 5, also known as National Cheese Pizza Day. If you go to your local Hungry Howie’s (and presumably show them a license, passport, birth certificate, or ID to verify that your name is in fact Howard), they will award you with a free small cheese pizza.

The deal will apply to in-store and carryout orders only. Unfortunately, if your last name is “Howes,” you will not make the cut — so close!

Surprisingly enough, Hungry Howie’s founder’s name is not Howie — it’s Jim. Jim Hearn turned a 1,000-square-foot hamburger shop into a pizzeria in Taylor, Michigan in 1973. It’s a mystery as to why he named it Hungry Howie’s.

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There are over 500 locations across the country, so head to your local outpost if your name is Howard!