Are You Ready for Warheads-Flavored Ice Pops?

Are You Ready for Warheads-Flavored Ice Pops?
Are You Ready for Warheads-Flavored Ice Pops?
Bomb Pop

‘It’s so sour that it’s almost salty.’ 

Remember Warheads, the lip-puckering sour candy you used to find out who among your friends was the toughest and most “extreme?”

That classic ‘90s flavor will return this summer in the form of a Warheads ice pop, a collaboration with Bomb Pop, owned by the Blue Bunny ice creamery.

The partnership is thanks to the current resurgence in popularity of sour flavors, a category within which the makers of Warheads are particularly skilled.

“This ice-pop is so sour that we could barely taste the fruit flavor between each lick,” says the team at Fox News, who got to try the Warheads ice pop. “It's so sour that it's almost salty. But that’s a truly authentic Warhead experience, right? Once your mouth adapts to the cold, it’s pretty refreshing, but don’t expect the sour to let up the further down you go. Unlike the candy, the center isn’t sweeter, so it’s a super sour experience from start to finish.”

Warheads ice pops will be available from both your neighborhood ice cream truck and grocery store, though the in-store version is reportedly half the size of the one from the truck — perhaps to keep the experience of chasing down the ice cream truck all the more sacred. 

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