little damage

Yelp / Juan D.

Is This Anti-Unicorn Soft Serve the Newest Food Trend?

You can mix and match soft serve flavors topped with everything from fruity pebbles to coconut shavings
little damage

Yelp / Juan D.

The shop’s menu includes rotating seasonal flavors.

Yelp / Julie K.

If all the rainbows and sprinkles aren’t for you, there’s a new artisanal soft serve shop in California that may have just what you need to satisfy your anti-unicorn sweet tooth. Downtown Los Angeles ice cream shop Little Damage has “goth” soft serve on the menu, and it’s just as Instagram-worthy as any unicorn treat in the food scene.

If the black soft serve looks intimidating, don’t fret — it’s a sweet almond charcoal flavor, Los Angeles Magazine reported. The soft serve gets its black color from activated charcoal, which is claimed to have purifying health benefits. The soft serve also comes in a black waffle cone to tie together the gothy monochromatic goodness.

Little Damage’s black soft serve may be the flavor in the spotlight now, but the shop also serves flavors such as mango sticky rice, beet, and the colorful counterpart of its gothy flavor, unicorn tears. According to the shop, all of its ice cream is made daily in small batches using local organic ingredients.


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