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American Breakfast Consumption Projected to Grow Faster Than U.S. Population

The NPD Group says total breakfast occasions will grow by five percent, while expected population growth is four percent

Though breakfast might not actually be the most important meal of the day, more and more Americans seem to be getting on board, according to The NPD Group, a global information company. 

In fact, the consumption of breakfast and morning snacks is forecasted to grow at a faster rate than the U.S. population over the next few years, with total breakfast occasions forecasted to grow by five percent through 2019, compared to an expected population growth of four percent, reports NPD. In tracking U.S. eating behaviors, NPD has found that annual morning snack occasions have grown by 17 percent over the past six years.

Quick service restaurants have seen an increase in morning meal visits, fueled by consumers’ need for speed, affordability, and portability. Chains like McDonald’s have benefitted from this shift in behavior. Despite the increase in on-the-go breakfasts and morning snacking, 70 percent of breakfast meals are still consumed at home.

“It’s clear by the strong growth in breakfast that it’s an opportunity for food manufacturers, operators, and retailers,” said David Portalatin, NPD’s vice president, food industry analyst. “The best way to tap into the breakfast and morning snack opportunities is to first understand what the consumers’ motivations, needs, and wants are based on demographics, life stage, and situation and let this knowledge guide your decision-making.”

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