America’s First Dog Café is Headed to Los Angeles, with Your Help

With your help, a dog café is finally on its way

The Dog Café, from awesomely named Sarah Wolfgang, needs your help to become a reality. 

America’s cat café culture is well underway, and now it’s time to turn our attention to the dogs.

If you agree, consider donating to an Indiegogo campaign that aims to open the first dog café in America, which will be called Dog Café.

As with Meow Parlour, Dog Café will operate in two separate locations in order to keep the puppies (and the health department) happy.

Although location details are far from definite, the coffee — supplied in collaboration with the very aptly named Grounds and Hounds Coffee Co. — and snacks will be made in a separate location than where the puppies will live.

At $200,000, the fundraising goal is a lot higher than that of Meow Parlour, but figures in the cost of space for dogs to run around comfortably, plus a renovation and sanitization of whatever space Dog Café will inhabit.


The campaign ends in February, so decide quickly if you want to drink your coffee surrounded by a bunch of puppies. And yes, they will be available for adoption.