Amazing Delivery Man Manages to Deliver Pizza After Getting Stabbed

The man is a hero to us all

How does your pizza guy stack up against this incredible employee? 

A dedicated delivery man has put all others of his profession to shame after managing to successfully deliver a pizza even after getting stabbed in the back while taking the pizzas out of his car.

Pizza hero Josh Lewis, of Spinelli’s Pizzeria, was actually bringing an order to Norton Hospital in Louisville, Kentucky, this weekend when he was attacked by an unidentified man who later drove off in Lewis’ black Jeep Cherokee.

“It’s surreal,” Lewis’ manager, Willow Rouben, told WLKY 32. “I can’t believe it happened to him. As he was taking the pizzas out of his car and walking to deliver the pizza, he was stabbed in the back. Believe it or not, he got his pizzas delivered and collapsed in the ER.”

Josh was subsequently rushed into surgery for a collapsed lung at another nearby hospital, presumably with better surgery facilities.

On Facebook, Spinelli’s Downtown announced that the staff would hold a special fundraiser for their incredible employee on Wednesday, May 6. Fifty percent of proceeds on that day will go to Josh and his family.