Almost $85,000 Worth of Mozzarella Was Stolen in Florida This Weekend

Multiple tons of shredded mozzarella on its way to a Hungry Howie’s distribution center were reported missing
Almost $85,000 Worth of Mozzarella Was Stolen in Florida This Weekend
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This theft is a real dairy dilemma. 

To say that this is a theft of monumental proportions wouldn’t be a stretch. According to the Ocala Star Banner, a newspaper in Florida, $85,000 worth of shredded mozzarella was reported missing from a parking lot off of U.S. Highway 441 this past Sunday.

The cheese was headed to a Hungry Howie’s distribution center. To put that into perspective, that’s enough cheese for several thousands of pizza pies. It seems that someone was celebrating Pi Day a little late.

The truck driver told local police that he and his girlfriend left the trailer in the parking lot while he had the hauler of his truck checked out by a local mechanic, according to the Ocala Star Banner. When they returned to the parking lot they noted that the trailer, along with the piles of shredded mozzarella, was missing. ">Police do not yet have any leads, but anyone with information is asked to call the local sheriff’s office at 352-732-9111. Our advice? Look for any suspiciously large pizza parties in the area. 

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