All-Natural Food Company Makes US Debut with DIY Pho Kit

Canyon Creek Food Company’s Vietnamese Pho Bò Viên kit will debut this month in Los Angeles

Canyon Creek Food Company is known for its all-natural, preservative-free soups.

Thanks to Canyon Creek Food Company, DIY pho kits might be coming to a supermarket near you. Canyon Creek, a food processing company based in Edmonton, Alberta, provides fresh soups and other prepared food products with the health-conscious customer in mind. Its Pho Bò Viên kit, which is confirmed to be sold at an unnamed U.S. retailer this month, marks Canyon Creek’s first foray into the United States, according to a release.

The kit is a fresh refrigerated soup kit, which includes broth, meatballs, fresh noodles, Sriracha chili sauce, and hoisin sauce. FoodBeast describes the kit as BYOHV (Bring Your Own Herbs and Veggies), as consumers will have to provide these fresh additions themselves. Despite that inconvenience, the kit still substantially cuts down the cooking time needed to prepare pho from scratch. Additionally, Canyon Creek’s focus on the, “preparation, sale and distribution of high quality, natural, preservative-free, fresh soups, and other food products,” distinguishes its product from other instant foods loaded with preservatives, calories, and sodium.


Canyon Creek’s Pho Bò Viên kit will debut this month in Los Angeles. Regarding this decision, Terry Alty, President and CEO of Canyon Creek Food, says, “We focused on the L.A. area for our U.S. launch, both because of the concentration of our target demographic, and because Southern California is a known excellent incubator for the building of brand awareness. Beyond that, the Southern California market is a national trendsetter.”