Alicia Keys to Eat Only Greens for 40 Days

Keys reveals her self-imposed challenge on Instagram two days ago
Alicia Keys

DFree / Shutterstock

Keys’ ‘green only’ detox has received mixed reactions from her followers.

The latest in ‘crazy celebrity diets’ is singer and songwriter Alicia Keys’ commitment to eating only greens for 40 days. Keys made the announcement yesterday on her Instagram account to her 4.9 million followers, showing a snap of what appears to be zucchini noodles, broccoli, and spinach tossed in an herb sauce.

The caption reads “40 days of eating only greens!!” followed by hashtags #day1, #beautyinsideout, #gorgeousgreens, #actuallydelicious, and #feelingmyself. The hashtags are followed by a series of enthusiastic emojis and ends with the hashtag #goakgoakgo, which one can assume means ‘go, Alicia Keys.’


Further information regarding the star’s 40-day challenge has yet to be revealed, however fans have not hesitated to state their own opinions in the comments. One fan says, “That looks so good. Thank you for promoting healthy eating so that people can feel just as good as we do.” Another says, “Zucchini noodles? 40 days is a long time without any other foods. I'll be interested to see how this goes.”