Adam Richman Wants Everyone to Know He’s Not Really Vegan

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Reports of Adam ‘Man v. Food’ Richman going with an all-green diet have been exaggerated, Richman confirms
Adam Richman Wants Everyone to Know He’s Not Really Vegan

He isn’t vegan, and he has the corned beef sandwich to prove it.

This week, we came to you with the shocking news that Adam Richman had gone temporarily vegan in preparation for an upcoming soccer tournament, something that the eating champion is wont to do to beef up his athletic prowess (pun absolutely intended). But apparently, the media frenzy that came about after this revelation went a little bit too far. Adam Richman wants the world to know that he is an omnivore, and proud of it!

 He posted this photo of himself eating what looks like a Reuben with mustard, writing, “Come on guys! Tabloids just want headlines!  OCCASIONALLY: adv. - sometimes but not often. Ex: ‘Adam occasionally eats vegan to cut weight for filming or soccer.’ I think it’s great that people get so passionate about food, but let me make it clear, I love & enjoy ALL kinds of food . I’M AN OMNIVORE.”

He also seemed to be pretty peeved at the rumors and hammered the point home further on Twitter:

And if it wasn’t already clear, Richman even posted a photo of a decidedly un-vegan In-N-Out burger with a side of animal fries to Twitter the day of “VeganGate.” 

It looks like we won’t be getting a giant salad episode of Man v. Food anytime soon. Somewhere, a thousand vegan hopefuls’ hearts just broke. 

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