911 Dispatcher Shamed for Ordering Pizza on the Job and Ignoring an Emergency Call

A 911 operator has been reprimanded for ordering a pizza for seven minutes and ignoring multiple emergency calls
The woman has not been fired, according to the sheriff’s department.


The woman has not been fired, according to the sheriff’s department.

Imagine calling 9-1-1 for a real emergency, only to find out that your desperate call was being ignored by an operator who simply wanted to order lunch. According to the Fort Lauderdale sheriff’s department, a 911 dispatcher has been reprimanded after she ignored an emergency call for a seven-minute “personal call” during which she ordered pizza. The emergency call was from the co-workers of a local man who had been suffering from a severe seizure. Luckily, he recovered, according to police.

“First, they called from their office, no answer,” said Jared Goodman, an employee at the optometrist’s office where the seizure victim worked. “I called from my cellphone. Again, no answer. Other people in the store tried calling and nobody picked up.”

The only available dispatcher at the time was placing a seven-minute call to Poppy’s Pizza for lunch.

“Let me have one slice of cheese pizza. Let me have a lunch special, the pizza lunch special- two cheese pizzas and a Coke. Let me have the lunch special – two pepperonis and a Coke. Let me have one slice of pepperoni pizza. Let me have a, I guess a cup of, what is it? Pasta fagioli,” the dispatcher was recorded as saying, according to local news channel KFOR. “Let me have a tuna mini on white bread, provolone cheese. Let me have onions and tomatoes, sale and pepper. I guess, oil and vinegar.”


The dispatcher has since been reprimanded but not let go as a result of her neglectful actions.